The Welcome of the Door

The Welcome of the Door

The first day of January finds us standing on the threshold of a new year, and here we are, standing on our own threshold, in the first light of the first day of the new year.  As we welcome the first light across our threshold, an invitation awaits us: to create a space in our lives where we can begin to live in the moment.  In this sense, Downtown Dad and I are observing the thresholds of our lives, the doorways that mark our movement from one stage of life to the next.  

Many cultures regard the new year as a time that signifies a “threshold” in time and space, the middle ground between here and there, neither past nor present, nor future, a spot where energies meet. 

The Celtic people believe there is great spiritual power in these threshold places, they call it the “welcome of the door.”  In this space there is a significance of chance meetings and random events with an openness to new experiences, opportunities and people, of great possibilities.  This is characterized by the expansive and generous nature of the phrase, “cead mile failte,” a hundred thousand welcomes. 

This new year we invite you to join us in the threshold, on the edges and boundaries and doorways of our lives.  May we find the strength with each other and in each other, and in those who have gone before us to welcome possibility, change, uncertainty, even fear.  There we shall find the welcome of the door. 


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    by smalltownme


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    by Still Called Downtown Dad

    Glad I get to go with you through this new door!!! Luv ya!! DD

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