The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead

According to my horoscope, I have just entered the first month of the luckiest year of my life! The endeavors I have been working on will all come to fruition… Sounds cool! Especially the fact that I can use endeavors, and fruition in the same sentence!

My endeavors have been all pointed to clearing the decks in my personal space so I can spend time writing – trying to write, and trying to rewrite. As of today, I actually accomplished part of that – not the writing part, but the deck clearing part was a real milestone. Laundry done. Dishes done. Vacuuming and dusting done. Groceries for the week pretty much done. Tasks that have been floating around on my daily task list for weeks, nay months – done! YAY.

So, that would mean I would have time for that writing thing then, right? Oy! I guess that would be right. Now I have no excuses. No tasks to putter at. No impending deadline to take my eye off of the goal. So did I write today? You’re looking at it. Actually, the deck clearing part did take me until late afternoon, when I had to make dinner for the family and do the dishes, and watch a little bit of a movie… but here I am writing.

The thing is that while I didn’t get the plot line down for the great American novel today – I might tomorrow. And while I didn’t finish the writing assignment for the online class I’m taking – I might tomorrow. What I mean is in a sense, that horoscope thing just might be true. I’ve been aiming at getting all of this stuff in line and I did it. I’ve been aiming at getting a part time job, and last week I got a call out of the blue from a friend who referred me to someone looking for what I do. (OK, not writing) I’m interviewing tomorrow. Things is beginnin’ to look up!

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