This is NOT what I expected

This is NOT what I expected

Yeah, I’m an optimist and I’m finding out that I don’t have much patience either.  When I started this torture experiment 8 months three days ago I kinda expected to see a little bit of the magical transformation begin to happen by now.

When the women in my office were putting me through the Spanish Inquisition asking me why the hell anyone would voluntarily sentence themselves to 30 days without wine what my motivation was for starting this, I explained that I wanted to wake up with more pep, and less aches.  I pictured myself rising easily at 6:00 a.m. my blood hydrated by several glasses of water the day before and no wine, and serenely going about my morning routine enjoying the quiet before everyone else gets up.  The reality has been sleeping fitfully, waking up to the alarm at 6 with a sneer, a headache and bafflingly sore muscles!  I’m baffled since I have yet to do even one of the physical exercises I laid out in my goals.


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