This Time I Really Mean It!

This Time I Really Mean It!

Standing here, on the brink of 2015, I must admit I have once again begun to plan my Annual But Probably Unattainable New Year’s Resolutions.

And, as I look around, I see I’m not the only one with my toes curled around the edge of the resolution diving board, poised to plunge into a shiny new existence. We’ve all given ourselves that hopeful sermon as we contemplate our future:

‘This will be the year I (fill in the blank… ) lose weight, go back to school, start my own business… I’ll change, I really will, and this time I mean it.”

Then, by the time March rolls around, most of us, but not all, have lost interest, succumbed to peer pressure, or gotten lazy, and the big changes that were so clear on January 1, have begun to blur, or have disappeared altogether.

What is the difference for those hardy souls who somehow make it through to actual success?  What’ve they got that I haven’t got? You can Google tips and tricks of sticking to your resolution and they will tell you the same 10 things, which, for me at least, all carry varying degrees of effectiveness.

But I think, through my half-century plus of scheming, and starving, and straining and training, I just might have come up with the two missing magic ingredients. The key missing items that will help you carry your intentions throughout the coming year.

1. Tell everybody!
Write it down. Talk about it. Shout about it. Don’t keep your resolution a secret. Tell anyone and everyone what you’re doing, and how. If others know your plans, chances are they will support your efforts, but the real powerhouse behind this tactic is the guilt factor. If your co-workers have heard you say you’re going to save money by bringing your lunch instead of going out, you’re going to think twice before suggesting a trip to the Taco Truck.

2. Create A Community
Involve others in your goal. Ask their opinions. Give them credit. If your cube neighborhood organizes a potluck for lunches, it will become very important not just to you, but to others that you not forget to bring your part. Others will see your lunch time community growing and suddenly, bringing lunches is cool. Pretty soon, your leftovers in tupperware containers are the envy of all the other poor slobs who have to trudge off to a restaurant and pay for their lunch.

If you truly want to make change attainable this time and – THIS TIME you really mean it –  try making your transformation a public group experience.

I’ve got a couple of transformational goals for 2015 and a big fat hairy audacious way to see it through that you might just want to be a part of.

Come back tomorrow to read about what I’m going to do, how I’m going to do it, and how you can play along!

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