Tuesday, May 6

Tuesday, May 6

Today Bear and Downtown Dad, along with best bud Trev and his mom MJ, and a couple other girls from the cast, went to WDAY radio at dark o’clock and promoed the show. Bear is pretty articulate for a freshman. They got all the right information in, including the ‘we’re all in this together’ angle that I pushed in my press release, even if Downtown did have to throw some of it in at the very end. It was great.

I didn’t go to Tour again today – I hate real estate.

Instead, I formatted the big 75 question survey that the Gooseberry board is supposed to take online and got that emailed out with explicit instructions. I emailed Kathy to thank her for her very generous donation to Bear’s MHS2UK fund and went on maybe a little too much about strained father daughter relationships, since she’d mentioned in her note that her dad was dying. We have a lot in common, Kathy and I.

After the radio thing, Downtown called me and suggested that we get some comp tickets out to the radio stations in town so they can give them away. So it was off to the activities office for 15 pairs of prime seats on Sunday evening, and then off to the three broadcasting stations. One of the program directors asked us to come back Thursday afternoon to promo the show again!

As I was on my way to Michaels to pick up 5 frame stands for the Leadership presentation on Thursday, Downtown called and said ‘lets go to lunch.’ After that, I had a little time to throw a load of wash in and send out a group email to find some people to do the Thursday afternoon KFGO gig. Then it was time to go back to the high school to talk to the Forum reporter who is doing a big multi page story on the remount and encore performances. MJ, Bob, Vikki, Mike, Dawn, showed up too and we all had enthusiastic stories from different parts of our adventure with this year long process.

There was a thunderstorm this evening. Tessie brought Alicia over and we had biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns and eggs and sausage for dinner. It was ready just in time for Bear’s dinner break from 6 to 7. I had time after dinner to actually fold the mountain of laundry that has been eating the couch in the family room – oh well, it keeps the dog from laying on the couch… While I did that, at last I got a chance to watch Juno – great movie, love the banter and it really does have a good message. Rehearsal was over at 10:10 this evening, instead of 10:45, so now we’re all home and ready for a good nights sleep.

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