Way Less Than Six Degrees of Separation

Way Less Than Six Degrees of Separation

After building a deck at our home-which-is-still-for-sale in the hot sun for most of the day, Downtown Dave and I came home to relax with a cold beverage, read some email, and surf the web a bit. I happened to click on a link from MSN.com for some dude’s weblog, which had a subsequent link to another weblog where this guy had a list of the top five most intense scenes in the movies. One of those scenes was the ‘squeal like a pig’ scene from Deliverance. The backstory on that is that my ex-brother-in-law is Bill McKinney. He is the guy who utters that infamous line mentioned from Deliverance. My older sister and he got married just about the time he got that part. Thinking back on how my conservative, overprotective parents tried to deflect the dinner table conversation away from my 10-year-old self as to just what that line would mean, and why he would say such a thing, is pretty humorous. Bill wasn’t my brother-in-law for very long, and probably wouldn’t know me from Adam (or Eve – as it were) today, but I still claim him as my ex-brother in law. Honestly, partly because it is a damn good cocktail party conversation starter, and partly because I admire him. I admire him because he seems to have a knack for getting that special quirky part and delivering his one or two lines in such a way that while you may not remember him, you do remember the character. I think he’s a hell of an actor!

So anyway, as we all know, one click leads to another and I ended up on some link to Bill McKinney’s filmography and from there found his webpage. I said (outloud to Downtown Dave, which turned out to be a mistake) ‘Omigod, Bill McKinney has a website!’ Downtown Dave, who has always gotten a weird kick out of the fact that we have way less than six degrees of separation (via Bill) to ‘stardom,’ clicked around and saw a link to have Bill make a live personal phone call, (oy vey) and then all the publicity shots, (yikes!) he even has a new CD. Dave clicked on all of them – commenting and hoo-hooing the whole time. I know he bought the CD, and he probably signed up for the birthday phone call – I don’t know what else because after that I called him a retard-a-mundo and left the room.

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