BACKSTORY: My BFF and I have our birthdays 20 days apart and religiously try to celebrate them together or at least call each other to commemorate the day. This was all well and good when it started ‘back in the day’ when we were 15 and counting the years ’til we were 21. 35 years later, lame-os that we are, we still try to do something special as we cross the threshold into each new year sortakinda together.

Downtown Dad calls me at work, asks for my BFF’s phone number. I figure… ”oh, how cute, he’s got a secret birthday surprize going on with my BFF…” I gave him aforementioned BFF’s number…

Fast forward to home. Downtown Dad’s phone rings – he looks at it, leaves the room and answers it (BTW it’s BFF). I pretend that I didn’t see that it was BFF calling – sensing that there is some secret planning going on, based on the above request for number and the leaving of the room to answer the phone call from BFF.

He comes back in the room and I POINTEDLY ignore him. He makes some overt comments about me being in the room, and I’m totally confused by this point so I make an even greater effort to ignore him, busying myself in … I don’t know, an engrossing email or something. Remember, I’m still assuming that he is secretly planning something with BFF.

He hangs up.

He looks at me strangely – like “why were you so engrossed in that email while I had your best friend on the phone?”

I get out the sock puppets and try to explain to him how I have arrived at this con-fuse-ed state.

He throws up his hands and stomps off.

I shake my head and email my best friend to see wherethehell I went wrong.



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