Yet Another Reason I Don’t Blog

Yet Another Reason I Don’t Blog

Once upon a time, Long, long ago in 1964, in a land far, far away Goleta California, a school was built…

All the children who went to that school in the first year it was open, were asked to write their name, or draw a picture.  Those names and pictures were placed in a brass time capsule, along with other artifacts, then sealed behind a brick wall and a metal plaque.

Time passed, the children grew up, moved away, and had children of their own, and sadly they forgot about the time capsule…. Until a magical thing happened – Facebook was invented!

One by one, the grown up children began to build their friend lists, and to reconnect with each other, and little by little they shared stories, and they began to remember the old school, and the time capsule.

It just so happened that some of those grown up children had stayed, or gone back to the old neighborhood, and they were able to visit there in person to bribe negotiate with the Principal to let them get the time capsule out from behind the brick wall…..  This week they did just that.

Some of those friends thought that since there was a reunion planned for the high school this summer, it would be a swell idea to gather up all of the others who attended the school, since they would be there anyway, and open that time capsule.  One of them, namely me, was stupid ambitious enough to try to coordinate this event from 900 miles away.

Wish me luck, because this is yet another reason I don’t blog!

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