Another day…

Another day…

So whats this about a miraculous healing? Its all about microcurrent therapy. I’d been to “regular doctors” who diagnosed the pain in my two big toes as arthritis. Two years later and additional back pain which I attributed to premenopause and burgeoning weight around my middle with no real relief sent me looking elsewhere. I happened upon a Naturopath (a rare thing here in the upper midwest). Complaining chiefly of the nagging chronic back pain, she sent me home with three herbal/vitamin proprietary blends, told me to purchase a body ball to exercise my iliopsoas and scheduled me for a microcurrent appointment. Not knowing what to expect, I returned in a week, already seeing improvement in the back pain.

Nancy, the technician greeted me warmly and briefly explained what we were going to do. Skeptical and a little unnerved at the black gloves, the electrodes and the box with dials, I did my best to relax on the table in my hospital gown. Nancy placed her black gloved hand just above my hip bone and kept it there for the whole session. Throughout my session our conversation which was almost constant for the 60 minutes I was there, she told me personal experiences, and made astounding recuperative claims that made me seriously question my decision to do this. At the end, she told me to get dressed and meet her at the front window – then left the room. I rolled my eyes, and could just imagine the abuse I’d have to take for falling for what I still thought was a hoax. Then, I got off of the table. What had been on a scale of 1 – 10, a 7 in back pain was not there! NOT THERE! At first, I attributed it to relaxing in an ergonomic position for an hour, but the realization kept coming back – the pain was gone!!

When I met Nancy at the front window, I was nothing short of amazed. I lamented that I hadn’t mentioned my painful toes during the session so that they could be addressed too. She told me that they were connected to the same muscle group we’d worked on and said that she thought the pain might improve in a couple of days. She said that she’d like to see me one more time to see what the progress was and to treat me further if necessary. I left, still marvelling at the absence of the pain that had been my constant companion for quite a while. I went about my daily business and slowly the realization dawned on me that while my back was pain free, so were my toes!

So I am going back for my second session a complete believer! More on this later.

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