We Welcome You To Lala Land

We Welcome You To Lala Land

The Urban Dictionary defines Lala Land as

  1. Someone who is in their “own little world.”
  2. To be zoned out or spaced out, in a semi-conscious state.
  3. The City of Los Angeles (or the movie about LA)
  4. Enjoying a state of euphoria or nirvana.

With the exception of #3, depending on the time of year, all of the above could apply to me at one time or another, vis a vis, this blog. (Yeah, I just used vis a vis in a sentence – you should be impressed.)

When I made the decision to start fresh with a new blog, I thought long and hard about what to name it and what it would look like. In the end, three facts rose to the top and basically made my decision for me. The fact that my best friend’s son (who is also my son’s best friend) originally called me Lala, is key. The fact that Disneyland (the original park in LA) and I have shared a long and satisfying relationship, and are roughly the same age is another contributing factor. But the fact that my initials really and truly are L A clinched it for me.

Welcome to my own little corner of the world. Relax, zone out, leave a comment if you’d like, and remember, you’re welcome any time! I started out in the Blogosphere in 2005 after several years of binge drinking the witness protection plan self discovery. You may be here because of a link from my creditors other blog, Straight Up and Slightly Dirty, wherein I recounted not-very-regularly, my adventures as a part-time Realtor, full-time wife and theatre mom. I wanted my blogging there to be brutally honest Straight Up and with a sarcastic twist Slightly Dirty, it was neither. Although, the title did bring me really interesting insane pornographic a lot of Google searches, and I met some really cool fellow bloggers.  Over the years as I’ve been working with the homeless working on my masters degree trying to find my true voice, I was lucky enough to make it to my 50th birthday rediscover the simple joy in doing things that I am really good at. This, as sappy as it sounds has changed my life and made me incredible happy, and I want to share my adventures in all of their syrupy goodness with you!


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